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10 Great Tips and Tricks

10 tips and tricks for the Crazy City Rush game

If you have already played Crazy Taxi: City Rush you will know that it is a crazy game in which you drive a taxi in Bay City, a city in which there are no rules: running over, skidding, urban destruction… . If you don’t know it yet, at the bottom of this article we will attach a download box of the game… It’s free!

To get more customers in Crazy City Rush you will have to commit reckless driving, perform very risky maneuvers to earn extra points and more money from your customers. You will need to improve your cars regularly and follow a series of tips and tricks that we will offer you below.

Crazy Taxi: City Rush, 10 Very Useful Tips

1. Speed up the time to gain unlimited gas

10 Great Tips and Tricks
10 Great Tips and Tricks

Every time you do a mission in Crazy Taxi: City Rush, you’ll lose a unit at the gas bar. To fill it up faster, you’ll need to watch a video commercial or spend diamonds. Luckily for you, as in other games, you can change the time or date on your iOS device from the Settings app and when you reopen the game you will have a full gas bar.

2. Don’t forget to collect and save diamonds

When you unlock some achievement or add more customers to your list, you will win diamonds. To get them, you will have to go to your profile section and claim your rewards . Make sure you do this often, every time you finish playing or before you do.

3. Improve your taxi’s acceleration capability

As you earn money, you will be able to improve the features of your taxi. First of all, make sure you improve your car’s acceleration and power. Sometimes that extra speed can mean the successful completion of a mission .

4. Tune up your car and make money faster

When you add features and upgrades to your car, such as wheels and customisation accessories, you will also earn extra money for each race you make . Customers often pay more if your car is tuned, so make sure you have the most beautiful car in town – you won’t regret it!

5. Connect to Facebook to win 3,000 extra coins

If you connect to Facebook you will be able to acquire more careers and money thanks to your friends. Even if you don’t have any Facebook friends who play Crazy Taxi: City Rush, if you link your account the game will give you 3,000 free coins for one click . If you don’t want to link your account, you can simply disable the option after winning the coins, without losing the money.

6. Play every day for rewards

Every consecutive day you play Crazy Taxi: City Rush you will have the chance to win rewards in the “Daily Rush” challenge. Basically it’s a level where you have to drive while you have time left through checkpoints. If you don’t enter the game one day the reward will restart so make sure you play a little bit every day to improve your daily coin count.

7. Don’t waste diamonds on unlocking the Mystery Trunk

When you play the missions you will find objects around the city . You can use these items to unlock the “Mystery Trunk” car. The game will give you the option to open the trunk of the car to find diamonds, money and other prizes, but to open the trunk you will be asked for diamonds. Don’t risk losing your diamonds because you won’t always win more diamonds than you have spent .

8. Save your diamonds for new taxis and customizations

Most of your money and diamonds should go to new taxis, customizations and improvements. The more taxis you have in your fleet, the more customers you can serve at the same time. When you are not playing, you will continue to earn money thanks to other taxi drivers . So buy as many taxis as you can with diamonds and coins.

9. Keep your extra taxis busy

There’s no point in buying a bunch of cabs if you’re not gonna use them later, right? So hire taxi drivers to occupy the taxis at all times . Before you close the game, take a look at each of your taxis to see if they are busy making money for you. This way, when you play Crazy Taxi: City Rush again, you will notice that you have won a good amount of money without doing anything.

10. Don’t speed up the hiring of diamond cab drivers

As we mentioned earlier, save your diamonds. According to comments from iMore, it is better to use them in buying more taxis or upgrades for them. Just use them to hire drivers to occupy the cars you are not using at the moment.

Download Crazy Taxi: City Rush for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

Get the FREE game from here:

These were the 10 tips and tricks for Crazy City Rush, but I’m sure you know some more, right? Tell us in the comments and share this article in your social networks! Thank you very much!

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