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10 Games from the Universe The Walking Dead for iPhone and iPad

The Walking Dead universe has been a great success in all its fields: in comics, in the TV series, and of course, in its games for iPhone and iPad. This time we bring you 10 games related to The Walking Dead that have been a big hit on the App Store.

Most of these games are totally recommended, but if you are not convinced, don’t forget to visit our collection of the best zombie games for iPhone and iPad, or our horror games!

10 Games from the Universe The Walking Dead for iPhone and iPad
10 Games from the Universe The Walking Dead for iPhone and iPad

Go prepare your arsenal, your ammunition and your anti-zombie kit, because we are entering the post-apocalyptic zone of iOS… Watch out, “Dead Inside” !

The Walking Dead: The Game

We started out strong, because without a doubt we’re looking at one of the most emotional and spectacular games on the App Store that tells the post-apocalyptic story of Clementine and Lee. Two mythical characters that surely have a place in the hearts of many of our readers.

The Walking Dead: The Game Season 2

In the second part of The Walking Dead we will control little Clementine, and we will have to make decisions that will affect the course of history.

The Walking Dead: The Game Season 3

The third season of Telltale’s most acclaimed game is in full swing, but it won’t be long before it’s released on iOS… What a rush to play it!

The Walking Dead: Michonne

A spin-off of The Walking Dead universe that tells the story of Michonne’s breakup with Rick’s group. The Walking Dead Michonne is a must-have for all fans of the series and comics.

The Walking Dead: Assault

This game of The Walking Dead for iPad and iPhone gives us a unique gameplay and a very creative artistic comic strip section . In The Walking Dead Assault our goal will be to complete each level with the maximum number of characters. We’ll have to collect ammo, dodge zombies and defend ourselves from waves of walkers – highly recommended!

The Walking Dead: No Mans Land

A game Multiplayer RPG that allows players to create their own shelter to defend themselves from enemy attacks. It is actually a very complete game: chat, story mode, multiplayer mode, building construction, collection of resources… The Walking Dead’s Clash of Clans!

The Walking Dead: Road To Survival

The Walking Dead Road To Survival is based on strategy and turn-based battles , a title where you have to use your intelligence to survive waves and waves of zombies.

The Walking Dead: Pinball

The Walking Dead Pinball offers all kinds of new features in its genre, kinematics, artistic concepts… However, the truth is that it lacks a touch of spectacularity, more music and more sound effects.

Fear The Walking Dead: Dead Run

Fear The Walking Dead, the spin-off of The Walking Dead, also has its official game for iPhone and iPad. It is a black and white endless runner in which we will control Nick Clark, one of the main characters of the TV series.

The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself

Okay, I know it’s not a game as such, but it’s really fun! In Dead Yourself we can create creepy zombie-like selfies , ideal for a fun time with friends and family!

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