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10 Games from the App Store for Staying on the Couch in a Good Time

Every week we take a long walk through the App Store in search of the most interesting games. This week we’ve come across real gems for iPhone and iPad … Do you want to know the best games of the moment with us?

Now that the weekend is approaching, it’s a great opportunity to relax on the couch, in bed, or anywhere else you feel comfortable, and enjoy these spectacular games for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch .

10 Games from the App Store for Staying on the Couch in a Good Time
10 Games from the App Store for Staying on the Couch in a Good Time

Without further ado, we begin. Watch out! Because this week we’ve had a lot of surprises… Let’s play! And if you want to find out what 2016 has in store for us, don’t miss out on the next iOS game releases.

Assassins Creed Identity

What can we say about the new Assassins Creed Identity? An open world full of possibilities and set in Renaissance Italy, hundreds of missions to complete and very intuitive controls. Join the brotherhood!

Brothers: A Tale of Two Souls

Brothers: A Tale of Two Souls is one of the best games on the App Store. It gives us a FANTASTIC story and has some simply SPECTACULAR graphics. Without a doubt, with this one you won’t move from the couch…

The Walking Dead: Michonne

This is one of my favorite games, not only because it is a mini-series of The Walking Dead, but because it tells the story of one of the most charismatic characters of the TV series and comics. Don’t think about it anymore, a must-have.

Fear The Walking Dead: Dead Run

And we continue with more TWD, in this case we recommend an endless runner from the spin-off from the popular TV series. Watch out, it’s very addictive! Oh, and watch out for zombies!

LEGO Jurassic World

LEGO games have a very special “something” that makes them fun, enjoyable and very entertaining. And LEGO Jurassic World is no exception. Good kinematics, good controls, interesting gameplay, and great doses of humor for all ages. If you’ve seen the movie, don’t miss the game.

Virtua Tennis Challenge

The App Store needed a good tennis game for iPhone and iPad. We had FIFA 16, we had NBA 2k6, but we didn’t have anything acceptable about tennis. Well, that’s it! Virtua Tennis Challenge will take you back to those wonderful years in the arcade. Plus, it has a multiplayer mode.

Breath of Light

We couldn’t forget to include a puzzle game for iPhone and iPad. We have something for everyone! Breath of Light is a game that has reminded us a lot of Koi – Journey of Purity, not because of its gameplay mechanics, but because of its minimalist graphics and relaxing soundtrack, so it’s a pleasure to play! But… Don’t fall asleep on the couch! Highly recommended.

She Wants Me Dead

If you have a cat, you’ll find this game very funny… Some people say that cats are constantly conspiring to kill us, and this game is just that. A kitten has prepared thousands of obstacles and traps for us along different levels in a great platform game .

Titan Quest

Titan Quest is the surprise of the week. A hack-&-slash very well developed, although, the physics of the game are not exactly a wonder , especially in the attacking moves. But otherwise, this is one of the most interesting games of the moment.

Hockey Stars

Finally, we recommend Hockey Stars, a multiplayer miniclip game in which we play hockey with buttons from an aerial view. Super recommended, guys!

If you use your iPad all week to work, as I do, or if you simply prefer to be entertained without your smartphone or tablet, we recommend visiting these 20 great games for Apple TV. They’re sorted by category to make it even easier for you and… They’re the best games around!

What did you think of this week’s selection of games for iPhone and iPad? Would you add any to the list? What game can’t be missing from your iOS device? We’ll be waiting for you in the comments!

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