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10 billion in revenue for the App Store by 2013

Apple has just announced in the form of a press release, by surprise, the data for the App Store in 2013. Instead of waiting until January 27th, when they will announce the fiscal results, have preferred to go ahead and show their pride in having $10 billion in revenue from their app store.

As we say, in addition to the 10 billion dollars of revenue, 1000 of these were in the month of December alone, when almost 3000 million applications were downloaded . This is the highest number of downloads in a month in the history of the App Store. The sum of it all translates into $15 billion sent to developers over all these years.

10 billion in revenue for the App Store by 201310 billion in revenue for the App Store by 2013

These are the words of Eddy Cue , Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services:

The big reason why 2013 has been such a busy year in the App Store is iOS 7, which has made developers redesign many of their applications , and also offered resources to create even better applications, thanks to the 200 new features and APIs.

We already made in December our compilation of the best iOS applications , both for iPhone and iPad. Tweetbot 3, WhatsApp, Reeder 2, iStudiez Pro, and Apple’s new iWork and iLife have all shined on their own.