10 Apps You Can’t Miss on Your New iPad Air 2 or Mini 3

The best apps that can’t be missed on the new iPad Air 2 and Mini 3

Are you a lucky owner of an iPad Air 2 or Mini 3? Are you thinking of buying one as soon as they arrive in your country? Then we recommend you take a look at the most recommended apps to install on the new Apple iOS devices.

Thanks to iOS 8, the new mobile operating system, apps now have the opportunity to have extra features that are seamlessly implemented with native iOS apps , plus the Widget Notification Center, and can also deliver better graphics to the great Retina HD screen on iPad Air 2 and Mini 3.

10 Apps You Can’t Miss on Your New iPad Air 2 or Mini 3
10 Apps You Can’t Miss on Your New iPad Air 2 or Mini 3

That’s why we’ve prepared a collection of 10 applications that, for one reason or another, can’t be missing from the new iPad Air 2 and Mini 3 . Are you going to miss them?


Twitter has taken advantage of the official launch of iOS 8 to completely redesign its application. In addition to the new design, Twitter features interactive notifications from which we can re-tweet, add a message to favorites, or follow a user directly from the Notification Center. And who knows? Maybe we’ll soon be able to reply to tweets from the same notification (as in iMessage’s reply function).


The Facebook application now allows us to share posts, photos, videos and any other content thanks to the iOS 8 extensions via the share button integrated into third-party applications.


Dropbox is a ideal application to store our documents, photos and videos in the cloud . And now, with iOS 8, we will have the possibility to have the new Touch ID function of the new iPad Air 2 and Mini 3 and a brand new widget in the Notification Center .


Evernote, the great annotation tool, has several useful features for our new iPads: Touch ID , support for iOS 8 extensions and a widget in the Notification Center that allows us to create annotations and attach images.


Taking advantage of the fluidity and power of the iPad Air 2, we can choose to install the GoodReader application, which is a gem that allows us to download files from the internet , unzip them, move them between folders, browse websites , create PDF documents… And much more! This is an indispensable app.


The Swiftkey keyboard is an excellent app and iPhone that allows us to type much more quickly and efficiently thanks to its predictive text function . Swiftkey has a fabulous design in its user interface, and it is an app that against the more we use, the more you will learn about our writing . You can’t miss it on our tablet when writing an article or writing blog and social network posts.


While waiting for the release in iOS of the popular photo editor presented in the October Keynote, Pixelmator, we have hesitated to include the Camera+ or Snapseed application. Finally we have opted for the latter, since the iPad support is full and total and, in addition, is a free app . Snapseed us offers a series of very powerful and really easy to apply filters and effects on our photos. A must-have for photography lovers.

Replay Video Editor

Talking about the last Apple Keynote… In it we were introduced to a fabulous photo editor that, apparently, works independently and automatically according to the format and color of our photographs . A real gem of programming that allows us to edit our videos easily and quickly with just one “tap”, all thanks to a very intuitive user interface.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is a free weather app with a visually appealing user interface . Its Notification Center widget offers us the current temperature and a text with the weather conditions, in addition, in the same we can click on links that lead us to videos with more weather information.

Video Explorer

To finish our must-have collection on our iPad Air 2 and Mini 3, we’ve selected Video Explorer. An excellent application, with a minimalist and sublime design, which allows us to play videos in flash format and download our favourite series and films in the background.

What applications can’t be missing from your iPad or iPad Mini?

These have been the iPad apps that we thought you couldn’t miss on your iOS device, but the App Store is full of very useful apps, games, and tools that allow us to enjoy our device to the fullest. What apps can’t be missing from yours?

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