10 Accessories for iPhone 4s, 5 and 6 for Christmas Gift

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Many of you will remember that last week we presented you with 15 cool iPhone accessories to give away for Christmas, but there are many more. Today we’re going to extend that collection with 10 more accessories , and they’re really cool!

10 Accessories for iPhone 4s, 5 and 6 for Christmas Gift
10 Accessories for iPhone 4s, 5 and 6 for Christmas Gift

So, if you still haven’t thought about what you can give to your friends and family on these important dates , thanks to this list you can get a clearer idea. These smartphone accessories will certainly be very useful in your daily life, so don’t miss out!

10 great iPhone 4s, 5 and 6 accessories to give away this Christmas

A holder to carry your iPhone… on a bike!

If you often go for long bike rides you should think about getting this add-on with which you can listen to music, talk to your friends or plan your route on the map from your smartphone. No complaining, no crying, no fuss, there’s nothing like a relaxing ride with the ideal companion: the iPhone.

Get it from this link.

A Bluetooth receiver to get rid of the tangled wires

Thanks to this little add-on you can enjoy good music without having to connect or mess around with the cables on your iPhone.

Product information and sales.

A dock for charging the iPhone “at the speed of light”

An airplane engine piston converted into a fantastic cargo dock , what power it must have! (comes with a USB Lightning cable).

Get it from here.

An SD card with “magic” powers

Thanks to this SD card you can pass all the images from your camera to your iPhone without using any cable or software. WiFi power!

Buy online.

Back to the… future?

This digital conversion table will allow you to convert all your old records and recordings to .mp3 format .

Buy it from here.

A Lightning USB cable with lighting to knock everyone out

Plug your iPhone into the power supply to charge its battery and… be amazed by the illumination of this Lightning USB!

More details and information.

A hipster scanner for your iPhone

Find your old home movie tapes and transfer them to your iPhone thanks to this excellent scanner, and be the envy of any instagrammer!

Product information and sales.

A portable Lightning USB cable for the smallest tables

Sometimes, with so little space, it’s a little difficult to charge your smartphone, but with this small accessory you can connect it to iTunes or charge it in just over 10 cm…

More info.

A cover for the party people

This case comes with a bottle opener , because you and I both know that a good Coronita can feel like… at any time!

Link to buy the case.

An accessory to stick your iPhone like a limpet

In our iPad accessory collection we already talked about a similar accessory, “sticko” will help you to stick your iPhone to literally any surface , to drink selfies , to watch recipes while cooking or to look pretty in the mirror while watching your favourite TV show.

Product information and sales.

Did you like these accessories? There are many more!

If you have enjoyed this selection of iPhone 4s, 5 and 6 accessories , please let us know in the comments and remember that you can recommend other accessories and products to other readers . there are hundreds of them! Cases, stylus, docks, speakers…

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