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1 million units reserved at launch

The first weekend since the Apple Watch became available in some stores has already passed and the first sales figures are starting to see the light . According to analysis firm Slice Intelligence, pre-sales of the device on April 10, reached nearly one million units in the US alone .


1 million units reserved at launch
1 million units reserved at launch

Apple activated the reservations on April 10th at 12:01 p.m. on U.S. PDT and in about six hours there were no more units available for reservation and the delivery times increased significantly.

According to the data collected by the firm, 62% of customers decided on the most economical model, the Apple Watch Sport and a third of them decided on the Sport strap in black or white. As for the size of the wearable case, 71% chose the 42 mm model, although among those who chose the Sport model the choice was more oriented towards the 38 mm model.

The space grey aluminium case was the most popular with 40% of sales, followed by the stainless steel version with 34%. The model with aluminium housing and silver colour represented 23 % of the orders and the space grey one of stainless steel 3 %.

The black Sport strap was the most popular among Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport buyers with 49%. The white model was the second most popular, with 16% of the orders. The $149 Milanese Loop was the third most popular model with 10% of sales.

It is important to mention that these data have not been confirmed by Apple and are based on data obtained by the analysis and research firm Slice Intelligence. They have been based on the purchase receipts of 9,080 different people.

In addition to the data shown above, the firm also reflects in its report that 72 % of the customers who booked the Apple Watch on April 10th had bought another Apple product in the last two years and 21 % booked the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus at the time of its launch six months ago.

At the moment Apple has not shown official data about the Apple Watch orders received on April 10th, although Tim Cook did state that the customer response to the smartwatch was extraordinary.

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