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1 million books on your iPhone or iPad with Kindle Unlimited

Starting to read a book on the iPhone and finishing it from the iPad, is a better option that digital reading has given us, where thanks to Amazon Kindle Unlimited , we have the opportunity to have access to 1 million books for a monthly subscription.

iBooks allows us to access a good catalogue of digital books, with the possibility of synchronizing it in iCloud and thus have it available from the iPhone, Mac, iPad or even Apple TV. Although from time to time we have interesting offers , we do not have the possibility of having a monthly subscription as Amazon does.

1 million books on your iPhone or iPad with Kindle Unlimited
1 million books on your iPhone or iPad with Kindle Unlimited

Jeff Bezos’ company allows us to download the application for free from Amazon Kindle and be able to buy individual books, like in iBooks. But in addition, access to 1 million digital books with a monthly subscription of 9.99 euros, with the possibility of trying it out for one month completely free .

If you’re a book eater, you probably already know the app from Apple ( iBooks ) or Amazon ( Kindle ) to read on your favorite devices. Choosing one or the other app is complicated, since sometimes, we can find exclusive books only in one of the two services.

In terms of features, both offer the possibility to change the font, size, make annotations or mark the pages you want with a simple “tap”. Amazon at this point goes a bit further, offering Page Flip, translations on the same reading page and other really interesting features.

But without a doubt, what Amazon’s service does to save us a lot of money on books, is to be able to access their entire catalogue for a really low price. If you want to try this Kindle Unlimited service, you can do it completely for free for one month and cancel anytime.

Try free subscription to 1 million books

Which reading app do you usually use? Do you prefer to pay for each book or have the possibility to choose all of them for a monthly payment?