1 in 5 children use a mobile device every day

Children today are very used to mobile devices

Many times when we talk about today’s children we refer to them as “the technological generation” . We can say that children today are born with a “tablet under their arm” . Technology is much more widespread than before. Almost everyone has at least one smartphone or computer at home, so it’s quite normal.

According to a study conducted by Statista , an online portal that conducts surveys and statistics on various topics, 1 in 5 children under 8 years of age uses a mobile device every day . The new generations are feeling more and more comfortable with touch screens and new technologies, so this phenomenon will almost certainly increase year after year.

The children of the future: the “technological” generation

1 in 5 children use a mobile device every day
1 in 5 children use a mobile device every day

Let’s face it, many of us are totally hooked on our smartphone or tablet, or both. New devices have replaced computers in many ways and we are spending more and more hours with them in our hands. Considering that children learn by imitation, does this statistic really surprise you?

The study has focused on children under 8 years of age and has been conducted in the United States. As you can see in the graph of results made by statista, 17% of children under 8 years old use a mobile device every day . In addition to this data, the rest of the study highlights that we are facing a generation that is growing up with technology “in their veins” :

  • 4% use an ebook.
  • 6% play video games.
  • 7% use handheld consoles.
  • 14% use a computer.
  • 17% use some mobile device.
  • 18% watch DVDs.
  • 58% watch TV.
  • 60% read or are read to them.

It draws attention to how the use of mobile devices is replacing computers by leaps and bounds . As they say in iSpazio, this generation will grow up surrounded by touch screens, applications, Internet-connected devices, etc., so parents are the ones who have to control the use of these devices by their children.

At the moment the experts do not agree about the positive effects of the child-device interaction , but what is clear is that as time goes by it will be easy to see how this statistic grows more and more. What do you think? Do you let your children use your iPad or iPhone?

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